Supeta Puppies



Here at Supeta we strive to breed for type and quality, but first and foremost, fit, happy and healthy Dobermanns

with excellent temperaments and sound conformation, maintaining the breed standard as best we can.

All dogs within our breeding programme are health tested prior to being used.

When registering your interest with us, you can be assured all our puppies have been bred with the utmost care

and attention and are bred from top quality UK and European blood lines.

If you are interested in being owned by a SUPETA puppy, please contact us well in advance as our puppy bookings

fill up very quickly. Please use the contact form on the contact us page or give us a call.


Before you register your interest, please consider the following: 

Dog ownership is a decision that brings many rewards with it. These can include a healthier lifestyle, improved sociability and sense of community, as well as companionship.

To ensure that you are able to enjoy these benefits it is essential that you ask yourself the following questions before getting a puppy or dog:

  • Can I afford to have a dog? Ongoing expenses such as food, veterinary fees and canine insurance can cost roughly £25 a week.

  • Can I make a lifelong commitment to a dog? A dog's average life span is 12 years.

  • Is my home big enough to house a dog?

  • Do I really want to exercise a dog every day?

  • Will there be someone at home for a dog? Dogs get lonely just like humans.

  • Will I find time to train, groom and generally care for a dog?

  • Will I be able to answer YES to these questions every day of the year?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you should reconsider whether a Supeta puppy is right for you.