About Supeta Puppies

"There is nothing like being owned by a Dobermann, especially a Supeta Dobermann"


Here at Supeta our aim is to breed happy and healthy puppies of breed type and quality with good sound temperaments.

When breeding a litter we put a lot of research into our bloodlines and only breed selectively to the right dogs. The health of this wonderful breed will always be the most important factor when we consider a mating along with sound temperaments, and breed type.  When breeding we ensure all health tests have been carried out prior to a mating. We test for vWD, PHPV, Heart & we also HIP SCORE our dogs.

We pride ourselves on breeding show quality and working Dobermanns that 

are 'fit for function' but also make the perfect family pet.


So you've decided a Supeta puppy is right for you..

For us, finding a FIVE star home is the most essential part of placing our puppies. We expect all our potential puppy owners to have plenty of knowledge about the breed whether their puppy is a family pet, a show dog or for working. 

All our puppies are raised within the family home around our other dogs, our Whippets, our children and grand children. They are well socialised, cuddled, played with and cared for 24 hours a day. 

We as breeders offer our full support to each and every puppy owner throughout their puppies lives - we are only a phone call away if you ever need us! All Supeta puppies are KC Registered and are Microchipped. They come with life time breeder support, breeding/exporting endorsements, a puppy pack (including a 5 generation pedigree), breeder contract, 5 weeks free insurance and puppy food - our puppies are exclusively fed on Eukanuba. 

All Supeta puppies are UNDOCKED. On the 6th April 2007 the docking ban was enforced, making it illegal for all breeders in the UK to dock tails after this date.


In the event one of our Dobermanns ever needs to be re-homed, we ask that they are returned to us as the breeders. We like to ensure that all our Dobermanns are safe and are placed in the best homes possible. This is explained to all our puppy owners prior to taking a Supeta puppy home and are asked to sign a contract agreeing with these terms.

Remember, a dog is for life....