D.O.B: 23.08.2000 - 02.09.2013

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6 CC's, 4 RCC's, 5 BOB's


ALL ABOUT DANDY - by proud owner & dedicated trainer Jean Walker

In 2006, as Dandy's successful breed showing career began to wind down, I needed to consider what the future held for

she and I. In common with all the Dobermanns here at 'Sizlin', Dandy had been trained in obedience since puppyhood.

In tandem with breed showing she had success in Dobermann-only limited obedience, but time constraints meant that

the intensive practice needed for open competition had not been possible. To start a second career in open obedience at the age of six would not have been viable with animals I have owned in the past,

as by that age drive and concentration has waned.

However, such is Dandy's overwhelming enthusiasm and joie de vivre that I was able with the help of several excellent trainers to channel her energies into the accuracy and consistency needed to win. She has now gained several firsts and countless places in open competition, often in huge classes consisting mainly of recognized obedience breeds.

She was granted "Beginner Excellent" by the KC in 2007, and represented the Midlands in obedience at Crufts 2008 (see below). Her latest win at Lichfield Dog Training Society on 6th September, when she dropped only 2 points out of a possible 100, has earned her the right to compete in Test 'A' at open level, which I believe has not been achieved by a Dobermann breed champion for several decades.   We are now looking forward to competing against the 'real experts'.

Dandy is steadfastly loyal and loving, but always exciting, always challenging, and certainly no 'pushover'.

Over the past 9 years, as a companion, and in breed and obedience, she has fulfilled so many of my dreams and ambitions. 

She is unique. She is Dandy: CH SUPETA'S LYIN ' EYES FOR SIZLIN JW

Owner: Mr & Mrs J Walker
Breeder: Sue Mycroft
Colour & Markings: Black/Rust
Call Name: Dandy

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